SEMC – Stakeholder Engagement Management Consulting

Kralja Milutina 23a/6 / 11500 Obrenovac Belgrade / Serbia


By processing thousands of articles from printed and online media, we offer exclusive service to our clients from specific  industries and business environments. Stakeholder relations means understanding your stakeholders and local markets insights.

By using the Monitoring service developed by us, we prepare press reviews and clippings that satisfy all demands. Our clients have access to these continuously updated reviews every day in 24 hours. Our aim is to offer a wide range of services where everyone can find their product in synergy with their demands.

Observer SEMC services originally generated from Energy Market News Service covering South East Europe (SEE) and Central East Europe (CEE). Energy Observer now covers almost all East Europe markets.

North Africa Observer Services were developed as a result of client demand for services expansion. Observer now covers the complex business environment markets of North African countries of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Our monitoring tool  satisfies all demands and offers press monitoring and press clipping services.

The number of our reviewed channels is growing and updating continuously. We monitor nearly 50 media sources, printed and online medias, in each of the country in focus.  This is how we guarantee our availability with the widest range of reviewed media in any of our services.

Complex media analysis provides an overall picture about the assessment and coverage about your own enterprise and about competitor companies, managers, events. This service can measure the success and result of communication, campaign or event of your company. You can have an insight into the communication mechanism of competitors, and thus gain business advantage and opportunity to make objective decisions. Media appearances become quantifiable, comparable and measurable for the given periods. You can have a comprehensive picture about a given industry and about its main actors which will facilitate your business decisions.