SEMC – Stakeholder Engagement Management Consulting

Kralja Milutina 23a/6 / 11500 Obrenovac Belgrade / Serbia


We manage the projects financed by International Financial Institutions (IFIs) which have highest Performance Requirements in Stakeholder Engagement Relations Management & EHSS areas. Environment Social Impact Management is proven to be one of the most challenging project area for mitigation in project management.

SEMC  is a business development and risk management consultancy supporting business growth and competitiveness in Serbia. We help identify, assess and leverage opportunities and mitigate risks related to markets, industries and companies.

Though experienced in conducting many types of market research and intelligence for various types of clients, we have the highest level of expertise in providing B2B strategic market research and competitive intelligence especially for mid-sized and large companies operating mainly in manufacturing, trade and business services sectors.

Innovation in approach and uniqueness of our solutions also stems from the application of state-of-the-art market research and competitive intelligence methods, techniques and technologies.

The biggest competitive advantage is the amount and quality of the reality advisory which you will receive as such approach makes the difference and ensures long term cooperation. Experience in complete project cycle management of different business projects implementation makes the span of lessons learned even more wider.